Community  |  November 21, 2022

Dr. Kohl’s Webcast

Dr. Dave Kohl’s 2022 MN Webcast

Managing the Positives and Realities of Economic Trends

The economic shockwaves are coming fast and furious, which feels like a decade of change in a few short weeks. Whether it is the weather, geopolitical events, military action, consumer trends, trade, or interest rates, one needs to think globally but also consider how these economic factors could impact your own business decision-making.

Join us for a journey through the latest trends and changes that will impact the odds of business success. Discussion will focus on the tools and principles of business and finance that stand the test of time. Dr. Kohl comes to the event with decades of academic and business experience as well as insight from his interaction with thought leaders in the agricultural industry.

Dr. Kohl will provide a framework of actionable items to implement in your business plan for the decade of the 2020’s. Come with your questions for dialogue with other engaged learners on the webinar.
See you in December.

Contact your Farm Business Management Instructor for locations and details.

Managing the Positives and Realities of Economic Trends by Dr. Kohl