What is FBM?

Farm Business Management is a one on one student led program designed to help the farmer student in financial and business management.

Minnesota State Farm Business Management Program

Vision: To provide educational opportunities for students to be successful in a competitive agricultural environment.

Mission: To deliver management education for decision making that achieves an individual’s business goals.

Guiding Principles:

  1. Improved Quality of Life in Rural and Urban communities
  2. Achievement of Student Goals
  3. Awareness of the Global Importance of Agriculture
  4. Integrity in Student Interaction
  5. Timely and Student Focused Programming

What is Farm Business Management?

Farm Business Management is a credit based certificate program offered at 8 of the 36 Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. The program is geared towards farmers who currently run their own farming operation. The instructors come out to your farm and assist in calculating financial statements for the farm owner to better make farm financial decisions, they can also assist in farm transition, loan applications or in best management practices for your farming business.

Program Syllabus- MN FBM 2018

Is there a cost for the program?

Yes, the annual tuition is $2100, you are enrolling to a community college system. That is for 10 credits a year, the student (farmer) can spread those credits over 3 semesters. There are also multiple scholarships available (contact us or your FBM instructor on how to apply for them).

How long can I be in the program for?

As long as you want. The program is credit based and so you work towards a certificate. Once you obtain one certificate you can enroll for the next level, then the next level and so on if you so choose.

How long has the Farm Business Management Program been around?

Since 1951 and there has been a database of historical farm data since 1955 that is available on our website here.

How do I find an instructor for me?

There are 66 instructors across the state that work through 8 different community colleges. To find an instructor near you please see our deans and instructors page for a complete listing.

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FBM Lendors