Central Lakes College Ag & Energy Center

AgCentric and the Central Lakes College Ag & Energy Center foster a unique and symbiotic relationship, deeply rooted in the advancement of agricultural education and innovation. AgCentric is strategically situated at the Central Lakes College Staples campus, just opposite the expansive CLC Ag & Energy Center, a research farm that spans more than 2,000 acres.

The Ag & Energy Center is a cornerstone for practical research, offering valuable products, services, and educational programs that not only enhance the learning experience but also contribute significantly to the economic vitality of the regional community.

This close proximity and shared mission make AgCentric and the CLC Ag & Energy Center natural partners in progress. Further cementing this partnership is the shared personnel between the two entities, facilitating a seamless integration of expertise and resources. Together, they operate with a shared goal: to cultivate the future of agriculture by providing rich educational opportunities and spearheading research that propels the industry forward.

CLC Ag & Energy Center

Central Lakes College

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