Technical Applications in Agriculture

Bringing together community college, secondary school faculty, equipment manufacturers and dealers to implement a curriculum and professional development initiative.

AgCentric Partners with CASE

Our Mission

We develop and support excellence in agriculture, food and natural resources programs and career pathways in partnership with K-12, government, other academic institutions, and the industry.

Our Mission

To impact student career readiness by empowering teachers with improved instructional practices and relevant curricula sustained by professional development.

Funding for this project is through the National Science Foundation

Where TAA is being used.

Initiative Plan

Curriculum Project Team

Technical Applications in Agriculture 3 year Plan

Technical Applications Curriculum Roadmap

Equipment Dealers Association, a partner in this project, put together this video to highlight the importance of agriculture technicians and what they do for a company. Check it out!

Curriculum Structure


An important component of the curriculum is the concept of “Scaffolding” – students learning skills and skills building upon each others. The graphic below illustrates this concept very well.

The course will be designed for dual enrollment credit at post-secondary institutions. Secondary students successfully completing the course for a credential and college credit will move seamlessly into an agricultural technician training program at partnering post-secondary schools or into the agricultural technician workforce.

The development of the Technical Applications in Agriculture course is funded through an Advanced Technological Education National Science Foundation grant.  The Technical Applications course will be a skills-based capstone course for the Agricultural Engineering Pathway.

For more information contact Judy Barka.

The Technical Applications in Agriculture (TAA) Project

A project funded by the National Science Foundation

The Technical Applications in Agriculture (TAA) project brings together community colleges, secondary school faculty and equipment manufacturers and dealers to develop and implement a curriculum and professional development initiative.

The partners, led by AgCentric and CASE (Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education) along with Northland Community and Technical College, Ridgewater College, and industry collaborators, will leverage their resources and experience to ensure this project meets industry, student, and faculty needs in agricultural technician education.

The curriculum development is moving forward quickly for a projected training in August of 2021. The seven units include:

  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Powertrains
  • Precision Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • Diesel Systems
  • Fluid Power Systems
  • Field Applications
CASE TAA Course 2021

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Overview of Ag Service Technician Career

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