Agriculture & Conservation Careers

Find your future in working for the NRCS in Minnesota.

Do you want a career that can make a difference? Natural Resource Conservation Service is looking for highly motivated and skilled individuals interested in meeting the challenges of the dynamic and innovative field of agriculture.

Internship Opportunity

Position Overview: Location: Field offices across Minnesota (Preference available) Duration: May-August (Flexible schedule for students) Compensation: $17/hr

What You’ll Do: As a Student Trainee/Intern, you’ll be immersed in various soil conservation duties, guided by experienced mentors. From conducting surveys and executing field tasks to engaging in conservation planning, you’ll be an integral part of shaping sustainable resource management systems.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Training Focus: Intensive learning in soil and water conservation principles
  • Field Tasks: Setting stakes, performing surveys, and executing basic practices
  • Planning & Execution: Contributing to conservation plans for diverse practices
  • Data Gathering: Assembling crucial data for conservation applications
  • Support & Compliance: Upholding Civil Rights policies and safety protocols

Internship Highlights:

  • Structured Learning: Receive detailed guidance and hands-on training
  • Collaborative Environment: Work alongside NRCS professionals and community members
  • Fieldwork Experience: Navigate various terrains and weather conditions
  • Impactful Contribution: Support local conservation initiatives

Application Details: To embark on this transformative journey, submit your resume and cover letter to Keith Olander at [email protected]

Working for NRCS in MN

Career Opportunities

  • Professionals involved in the many aspects of conservation on working lands, including efforts to improve soil health, water and air quality, and wildlife habitat.
  • Professionals who like to spend their time working with farmers, ranchers, forest managers, and other private landowners.
  • Individuals with an agricultural background or experience.
  • Individuals who have finance, business administration, economics, accounting, banking, and/or credit experience.
  • Experts in scientific fields such as biology, environmental science, physical and earth science, plant, animal, soil, and geospatial sciences.
  • Those interested in research, technical writing, and management.
  • Build your resume through volunteering.

Discover your field & your future with a NRCS career!