Professional Excellence Program (PEP)

The Professional Excellence Program (PEP) is led by Betsy Jensen and co-led by Denise Reeser. This mentorship program is for Farm Business Management (FBM) instructors, to help train them on program management, software, and work life balance. There is PEP 1 to focus on first year faculty; PEP 2 focuses on faculty in years 1-3 as a group; PEP 3 focuses on faculty in years 4-6.

“PEP has trained new faculty and created a peer group of new faculty who have the same struggles and challenges. FBM can be very isolating as we work alone with farmers, often not seeing another FBM faculty for weeks. Through PEP, we have new faculty navigate this unique work assignment,” says Betsy Jensen, PEP Coordinator.

Minnesota Agriculture Education Leadership Council

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