Online Poultry Certificate Available at Ridgewater College


A unique program will start this fall at Ridgewater College in Willmar. Even though Minnesota is the number one turkey producing state, there is no college education programs that focus on poultry. That is about to change, this fall Ridgewater College and partnering with the University of Minnesota will launch a Poultry Certificate.

Key Attributes about the program

  • Courses are offered either online or in person.
  • 3 Poultry courses are 8 weeks in length
  • Great opportunity for PSEO or K-12 students to start at Ridgewater online
  • 20 Program Credits
  • Flexible elective options.
  • Opportunity for a partnerships with K-12 to build a Program of Study in an Ag related discipline

The certificate will help create a better workforce and more resources for those already in the poultry industry. The Poultry certificate can be completed in one semester at Ridgewater College and anyone from PSEO students, traditional students, non traditional students and those already working in the poultry industry as a way to become better employees or business leaders in the industry. Even those who want to start having a few backyard chickens are encouraged to take the program.

The classes being offered this fall at Ridgewater are part of a 20-credit certificate program that includes topics like poultry nutrition, environmental management and identifying poultry diseases. The program can be a stand alone certificate or can be combined with other programs at Ridgewater and can transfer to the University of Minnesota, where students can use the certificate and gain more education by adding a poultry minor, a graduate poultry health certificate or move onto a master’s in applied poultry science.



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