TransFARMation podcast series is free and available to the public

A podcast series launches in 2019 due to the high levels of farm stress in rural America. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture and Red River Farm Network collaborated to create a podcast for Minnesota’s farmers and ranches to hear the stories of others going through similar scenarios as well as Rural Mental Health’s Specialists. This podcast, called TransFARMation, features farmers, ranchers, ag lenders, agriculturalists and other local people in the agriculture community. The goal of TransFARMation is to increase awareness of rural mental health and highlight some of the many resources available to the public. The podcast can be found on your phone’s podcast app or on the Red River Farm Network’s website,

The podcasts can be on the Red River Farm Network’s website and they are listed here.

TransFARMation: Farm Stress in Farm Children

TransFARMation: Maneuvering the Farm Economy and Moving Forward

TransFARMation: Advocating for Mental Health

TransFARMation: Faith and Farming 

TransFARMation: If Your Horse is Dead it’s Not Going to Get you to Town

TransFARMation: Ag Commissioner Responds to Tough Farm Economy 

TransFARMation: Taking the Time for a Farm Transition

TransFARMation: It’s OK to Say No

TransFARMation: Attitude is Everything 

TransFARMation: Seeking Compromise Between the Farmer and the Lender

TranFARMation: Honor the Family by Being a Business First Family

TransFARMation: Dealing with the Uncontrollable

TransFARMation: Shifting the Conversation About Mental Health 

TransFARMation: It’s OK to Not be OK 

TransFARMation: The Ostrich Syndrome 

TransFARMation: A Survivor’s Journey


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