News  |  April 10, 2024

Central Lakes College Staples Campus Welcomes New Meat Cutting Units

STAPLES, MN – Central Lakes College (CLC) Staples campus celebrated a significant enhancement to its meat cutting and butchery program today with the arrival of new, advanced meat cutting units. These specialized facilities are poised to transform the educational landscape for students enrolled in the program, offering a more comprehensive and hands-on learning experience.

Cory Detloff, Meat Cutting/Butchery program Dean; and Jess Feierabend, meat cutting instructor at Central Lakes College inside new meat cutting units.

Manufactured by Friesla in Washington state, the units, which bear a resemblance to semi-truck trailers or shipping containers, are designed to provide an immersive environment for all aspects of meat processing, from slaughtering to packaging. Before they become the cornerstone of the program, these units are pending foundation work to secure their permanent placement on campus.

Jess Feierabend, meat cutting instructor at CLC, will utilize these facilities to provide students with comprehensive training in all facets of meat processing, from slaughtering to packaging. The one-semester, 16-credit course is structured to impart skills that are critical for employment in various sectors of the meat industry, including local butcher shops, grocery store meat departments, and large-scale slaughtering operations.

This enhancement to the CLC butchery education program was made possible through the support of the Minnesota Farmers Union, which facilitated funding through an Economic Development Administration (EDA) grant. Additionally, the program’s establishment was supported by Federal Community Program funds, benefiting both Central Lakes College and Ridgewater College in their mission to provide top-notch vocational education.

The introduction of these meat cutting units is a testament to CLC’s commitment to providing top-tier vocational education and training. It marks a new chapter for the college’s meat cutting and butchery program, promising to enhance the learning experience and better prepare students for their future careers in the industry.