News  |  January 20, 2021

Organic Farming and Specialty Crop Videos

The Minnesota State Farm Business Management Program along with the two Minnesota State Agriculture Centers of Excellence have two short videos highlighting their work with organic and specialty farmers across the state. The videos highlight our students who explain why they chose to work with the Farm Business Management (FBM) program, as well as the FBM instructors who work with these students.

The Minnesota State Farm Business Management program has instructors across the state who are here to help farmers reach their goals. Our instructors are familiar with the organic transition process and can help make the transition smooth.  For more on the Minnesota State Farm Business Management Program go to our Farm Business Management page on our website. Farmers who are thinking about or have started the process to transition to organic, are encouraged to contact us about signing up.

The videos can be found on our YouTube channel or by following the links below.

Help with the organic transition video

Organic + FBM = Success video

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